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‘What are the best electrical wiring solutions for a business office?’

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-Setting up a business office can be frustrating, especially upon realizing that there are not enough electrical outlets to power all of the equipment or the outlets aren’t in the best locations. Whether the office is a new venture or an upgrade from a space that was outgrown, it’s important to take the time to plan the electrical needs. The team from San Luis Obispo’s Electricraft, Inc. has summarized the top electrical considerations for a typical business office.

  • Ethernet wiring: These days, even with the technological advances in WiFi, most business offices benefit from a combination of hard-wired ethernet connections and WiFi. Ethernet is generally more reliable than WiFi because it can handle greater volumes of data transmission. Ethernet connectivity may be a requirement for offices running legacy systems. In today’s business world, the portability of WiFi can’t be overlooked. WiFi benefits remote workers when they visit the office as well as business associates. Even WiFi relies on electricity because the routers need to plug in!
  • Office equipment: Most office equipment plugs into standard 120v outlets. But, office equipment can be power-hungry and it’s easy to overload the circuits, especially when the pace of business starts to outgrow the space and more employees need more outlets to plug into. More computers, more printers, and more specialized equipment mean it’s time to assess the wiring and upgrade if necessary. Resist the urge to resort to power strips to create more outlets. There’s a danger of overloading the circuits, damaging equipment, causing an electrical fire or someone tripping over a cord and getting hurt. The San Luis Obispo electrical contractors can review your plans and advise about the best wiring scheme.
  • Location of workstations, equipment, and amenities: Answering questions such as, where will the copiers and printers be? How many workstations and where? How big is the conference room and what kind of wiring does it need? Is there a kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, or maybe a stove?
  • Cable and cord organization: Even when the building is adequately wired, there is still the issue of what to do about all the electrical cords and cables that keep the equipment operating and how to answer the question, “What does this cord belong to?” There are several ways to organize cables and cords and most office supply stores offer handy gadgets like cord labels, Velcro ties for binding cords together, devices for sheathing bundles of cables, and even devices for “shortening” wires by safely winding them. Keeping cords and cables from running wild is a safety issue to avoid tripping or falling as well as a productivity issue. Labels answer the question about which cord belongs to which piece of equipment.
  • Lighting: Adequate lighting promotes productivity, reduces eye strain, and promotes a safe workplace. Natural lighting from windows is an asset, but, just as overhead lighting, it is not the only solution to individual workspaces. There’s also the need for good lighting for any merchandise on display, lighting that eliminates shadows in entries, exits, and corridors, and lighting that is appropriate for operating any equipment or machinery. Along with the best wiring scheme, the San Luis Obispo electrical contractors can also recommend the best lighting technologies for a variety of needs.
  • Other things to consider include heating/cooling, after-hours lighting, lighting control that allows employees to adjust the lighting to their preferences, and charging stations for cell phones and other remote devices.

There are many considerations within each of these topics just discussed. Including a licensed electrical contracting firm in the office design plans as soon as possible is the first step towards an efficient and productive office.

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Helping small business owners and commercial enterprises throughout San Luis Obispo County with a broad spectrum of electrical needs, the experienced staff at Electricraft has been providing quality and affordable repairs and service management since 1984.

The professional and experienced team at Electricraft, Inc. has been providing quality service to small businesses and commercial enterprises since 1984. Experienced in residential, commercial, and public electrical needs, Electricraft provides expert advice and service from the planning stage through to completion. Services include:

  • Troubleshooting service and repair.
  • Fault locating and finding in buildings and underground.
  • Indoor/outdoor installation and repairs.
  • New construction.
  • Tenant improvements.
  • Store warehouse, display, and parking lot lighting.
  • Power for registers, computers, tools and appliances, equipment, computer rooms, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), bakery, restaurant, and all other specialty equipment.
  • Title 24 lighting upgrades.
  • Datacom fiber optic and copper cabling.

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