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Foiling fire at home and work—a list of necessary safety equipment

-Safely escaping a building fire is a matter of being aware and prepared with a fire safety plan and fire safety tools. SERVPRO of Pismo Beach / Arroyo Grande fully supports the fact that equipping living and work spaces with an escape plan and fire safety tools is a critical strategy for keeping everyone safe.

The United States Fire Administration (USFA) website reports that “The increasing severity of fires due to modern building contents and open space configurations makes it crucial that people are prepared to leave their homes immediately in the event of fire.”

An escape plan and equipping the home or business with the appropriate fire safety tools are the best ways to help ensure everyone, including pets, gets out quickly and safely. Fire safety plans provide details for calling 911 to report the fire, escape routes from different locations in the building, safe outside locations for assembling once out of the building, and other strategies such as first-aid.

Escape plans can be downloaded from a variety of fire safety websites such as the USFA, or acquired from local fire departments.

Escaping a burning building is paramount. Sufficient warning of a fire provides the time to escape. Fire safety tools can help make the safest use of that valuable time. SERVPRO of Pismo Beach / Arroyo Grande, providing fire damage restoration services on California’s Central Coast, has compiled the following list of essential fire safety equipment:

  • Smoke alarms provide early detection and are an indispensable component of fire safety by adding crucial moments for evacuation. Install smoke alarms on every level of the building, particularly in bedrooms and common areas. Regularly test alarms, change batteries at least once a year, and replace the entire unit every ten years to ensure optimal functionality. Modern smart smoke detectors can be interconnected to sound simultaneously and send alerts to cell phones, offering additional layers of protection.
  • Fire Extinguishers are also on the first line of defense. Investing in the right fire extinguishers is crucial for immediate response in the event of a fire. Different types of extinguishers are designed to combat specific types of fires, such as those caused by wood, paper, electrical equipment, or flammable liquids. Ensure that your home or office is equipped with multipurpose extinguishers that cover a broad range of fire types. Strategically place fire extinguishers in easily accessible locations, such as near exits, in the kitchen, and close to high-risk areas like workshops or storage spaces. Regularly check the pressure gauge and expiration dates, and schedule maintenance or replacements as needed.
  • Fire blankets are effective for smothering smaller fires before they can spread, especially those involving cooking appliances. Keep a fire blanket in the kitchen or near potential fire sources. Make sure everyone at home or work is familiar with how to use a fire blanket in case of an emergency.
  • Protecting valuables. Storing valuables and important documents in a fire-resistant safe protects them and removes the inclination to lose precious time trying to save them from burning. A fire safety plan also includes ideas for storing original documents and valuables off-site, such as in a safety deposit box at a bank, or digitally with an internet-based service.

SERVPRO of Pismo Beach / Arroyo Grande is the first to respond when a home or business suffers from fire loss. Serving the fire damage restoration needs of Pismo Beach and nearby communities since 1967, the local SERVPRO has the experience and certifications to quickly restore homes and businesses after the devastation of a fire. The local leadership team grew up and raised their families in Central Coast communities and is invested in the futures of their communities and customers.

The team stressed that fire prevention is the first step to being safe. Fire prevention strategies include:

  • Following electrical safety
  • Hardening homes and businesses against wildfires.
  • Get a fire safety checklist from the local fire department.
  • Implement a fire escape plan.

The Pismo Beach fire damage restoration team understands the stress and worry that comes with fire and water damage, and the disruption it causes. Rely on SERVPRO of Pismo Beach / Arroyo Grande to help minimize the interruption, and quickly make it “Like it never even happened.”

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