Payroll San Luis Obispo

Payroll San Luis ObispoDid you know: the average small business owner spends up to 25% of his/her time handling employee-related administrative paperwork. Now you can get that time back— to innovate, serve customers, and just re-focus on the parts of business you love. Our complete payroll service handles deductions, tax payments, wage garnishments, tax levies, liens and W-2s.

Are you looking for local San Luis Obispo payroll services? If so, BBSI – San Luis Obispo is the business to handle your payroll needs.

Running payroll encompasses so much more than simply calculating hours and submitting a paycheck to your employee. Professional payroll management must consider things such as: Tax tables, Labor laws, Payroll costs, Direct deposit rules, Deductions, Overtime, Time tables, and so much more.


Unless one is specifically trained in many of these areas, the many facets of payroll and payroll costs can be a tedious task for a business owner. BBSI – San Luis Obispo can take those San Luis Obispo payroll concerns over and release you from the daily struggles of having to meet all the requirements of federal and state demands. There are many things to look at with a keen eye when considering payroll. For instance:

  • Is it best to set up a monthly, bimonthly, weekly or biweekly pay period for employees?
  • What about pay base?
  • Salary versus hourly? And why?
  • Is commission involved and if so, just how much commission should be awarded?
  • How is bonus LEGALLY considered in overtime calculations?

Then, there are labor laws; laws that include overtime pay, holiday pay and premium pay.

  • Are employees shift workers, part-time or full-time employees?
  • Should you pay more for employees working the night shift?
  • What about freelance workers?
  • Do or should you offer a money percentage for gas if traveling is in need, and the employees own car is involved?
  • Should you allow the employee to use his or her own car?
  • Will there be insurance implications? What are the repercussions of such things?
  • If an employee works over the required hours, should you provide a meal on your dime?

BBSI – San Luis Obispo is at the top of the game concerning your San Luis Obispo payroll, and the importance of it for your business.

Call BBSI – San Luis Obispo for your San Luis Obispo payroll concerns.