Human Resources San Luis Obispo

san luis obispo human resourcesAre you a small business in San Luis Obispo, just trying to keep up on the demands of human resources?  From recruitment, hiring and staying compliant in San Luis Obispo, who do you turn to for day to day guidance and support? Not knowing the legal pitfalls around hiring, labor law, wage and hour regulations, supervising employees and managing work comp claims can place your small San Luis Obispo business at risk.

In today’s workforce, these are necessary areas of concern, but more importantly, as you build your small business, you need someone to easily guide you through your options. Welcome to BBSI – San Luis Obispo! Our Human Resources team can and will answer every single question you have about human resources in San Luis Obispo. No question is too big or too small and certainly there are no wrong questions to ask. In addition, no business is too small or too large to grapple the complexity of human resource requirements.


A few areas to consider are:

  • Does your business have a detailed job description for each and every employee?
  • Have you the ability to relay, without bias and other idiosyncrasies that might affect an interview, exactly what it is you expect from an employee?
  • Do you provide training, seminars and regular updates to keep employees up-to-date? If a performance review is expected, how often is that done, and what are the expectations on behalf of the business and your employees?
  • What are you legally required to post at your job site, provide in your new hire paperwork or hand out when an employee leaves the job?
  • When an employee is injured on the job, how do you provide the appropriate care for the employee to get them back to work and return to health, keeping your work comp costs down?
  • Do you have a company handbook? Are your policies current and up to date with recent legislative changes?
  • Do you pay employees by the hour, salary, on commission or piece work? Are you aware of recent legislation that impacts your ability to pay your employees?
  • Are you required to offer state and federally mandated leaves of absence for your employees?


These are only some of the questions a small San Luis Obispo business should consider around its human resources policies. But for many business owners whose plates are full and time limits constrained, these items can oftentimes inadvertently get overlooked until a legal claim arrives in the mail.

BBSI – San Luis Obispo human resources has experienced and diverse consultants and it’s our business to make sure your business operates at optimum level, smoothly, effortlessly and with little to no risk. Our human resources team gets to know your San Luis Obispo business because we fully study it, and we make it our business to understand exactly what you need.